Fatcut - Capsule & Oil

The Herbel Way To Reduce Obesity (Fat & Weight)

An adjuvant in Oedma & Obesity, and its related complaints such as joint pains, excessive sweating, obesity in patients with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease high serum cholesterol / triglycerides and for reducing lipids & Adiposity etc.

Enriched with rare herbs, FATCUT CAPSULES are Anticholesterol, Anti stress and serve as a Liporgulator and weight Reducing Agent without exercise and diet. Also useful in constipation.

Dosage :  Capsule

Dosage For :  Male & Female

Uses :  Reduce Obesity fat & weight

Key Ingredients:

Arogyavardhini Vatika Trikutu
Triphala Guggal Navak Guggal
Vidang Chitrak Mool
Gorakh Mundi Punarnava
Choti Ellayachi Arjun Chall
Fatcut - Capsule & Oil