Kesh Vajra -Capsule & Oil

Help in making Hair Black, Long, Bright & Strong Naturally

Strong, black, bright and long hair have the same place as that of other part of body, black, bright and long hair enhance beauty, appearance and look of a person. Therefore, its is a must to get rid of hair related problems. Kesh-Vejra Capsules and Oil are enriched with rare herbs. It help in making hair Strong, black, bright and long naturally. Since it is an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine, it has no side effect.

Kesh-Vejra Capsule and Oil is an authentic Ayurvedic hair and scalp nutrient formula specially formulated and processed to ensure presence of therapeutically active volatile herbal components for optimal efficacy and result. Promotes hair growth prevent and treats hair fall eliminates flaky dandruff improves scalp health promotes natural sound sleep and improves memory cheek Alpoecia & Premature falling greying of hair. It vitalizes the hair.

Dosage :  Capsule

Dosage For :  Male & Female

Uses :  For long, strong & Shiny Hair

Key Ingredients :

Bhringraj Brahmi
Giloy Amla
Satavari Jatamansi
Kala Till Loh Bhashma
Bhangra Sugandh Bala
Kapoor Kachri Daru Haldi
Shank Pushpi Indrayav
Lal Chandan  
Kesh Vajra -Capsule & Oil