Ayurvedic Preparation, it has no side effect and can be used and applied safely. This product can be indicate/used in the following cases:

Sexual impotency owing to poor erection.

Sexual weakness on account of Masturbation and excessive sexual intercourse.

Sexual weakness of penis muscles. Sexual weakness in obese people. Sexual weakness Diabetic patients.

Sexual weakness in Hypertensive patients.

Sexual weakness due to fear of failure. Doofit Capsule and Doofit Plus Oil It provide muscular and corvine strength and shape to the penis.

It also increases stimulation & excitement to the penis and thereby Penis become stronger and harder for better penetration for good time providing satisfaction to both the partners.

Dosage :  Oil

Dosage For :  Male

Uses :  Promises penile erection prior to intercourse.

Key Ingredients

Shri Gopal Taila Ashwagandhadi Taila
Shatawari Taila Mahabala Taila
Lakshadi Taila Amritadyam Taila
Laung Taila Kesar
Pan Ke Patton Ka Ras